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We Partnered with
Honda Australian Rider Training(HART)

Now Scootery is able to assist you when getting or converting your overseas driver Licence in Victoria

Benefits You Can Get

- Free Assistance through your Process

- $100 Off if you are our current rider customer

- $50 Off even if you are not our current rider customer

-Up to $500 Off while choosing one of our rent licence options.

Before you start...

Do you hold a current Victorian car learner permit or licence? (MUST be Victorian) YES->Go to step 3  NO ->Go to step 2

Have you ever done the Road Knowledge Test (Learner Permit knowledge Test) and Hazard Perception Test with Vicroads? Have you booked any of those appointments with them? 

If you have not, unfortunately you are not eligible to do the conversion… Just yet!    BUT WE CAN HELP YOU!

You need to get in contact with Vicroads and get the both Test done before we can help you!

Booking or By phone: (13 11 70).

If you want to see more information related to this process, we suggest you to have a look at our News Section to understand your next step towards having a Licence! Anyways do not hesitate to contact us if necessary!

If you still have doubts and want a call from us, leave your info here. We will be in touch with you in less than 36 hours here

You are ready! Fill up the following Form! We will be in touch ASAP (Less than 36H)  Click Here

If you got here you can get your licence as fast as within a week!

Fill up this short form. We will be in touch in less than 36h to guide you through the process!

HART Website

How and Why to convert your licence in Victoria

Look in our news how the conversion licence process is!

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In our News section, you will find the relevant information regarding these financial options! Get in touch if interested!
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Financial Rent Licence Options

Our partnership with HART comes with rental financial licence options!

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